Library build day 5 – Moving upwards!

Now that the base shelves are done, all that’s left to do is add something to the space above them. What? We weren’t going to let all that space go unused, of course!

All the way to the ceiling.
All the way to the ceiling.

The first item on the menu was to build shelves that could divide up the space in a pleasing way. After some deliberations, we went for a simple step-like pattern that repeated the dimensions of the shelves underneath. (It’s not like we really *need* the space. It looks better and we have some things that we want to show off there. Also, if I have a library I bloody well want to have a library with shelves to the ceiling, because yes!)

I feel so small… ;_;

As the shelves were that small and light, they didn’t give much problems mounting them up above the normal bookcases. It’s something you have to consider when building with high ceilings – our ladder only just about goes up to the normal cases!

This also means that the tall person among us (*cough*Mirar*cough) had to do all the work and mount the final trim on those shelves. Getting the right length and angle was tricky, but he did an admirable job!

All that was left now was to add the last trimmings, the boards hiding the feet of the cases and some more actual shelves, and all was ready for the books to move in!


And here we go – one finished library wall, complete with hidden door. Time to unpack all those books and celebrate!

Next up: Moving in, sofas, and a sliding door…

A book! A book!

Mission: Levity, Episode 2 is out!
Mission: Levity, Episode 2 is out!

I apologise for the long silence – with summer times and family visits, finishing projects took priority over blogging about them.

But now we’re back! Just in time to announce the release of joker’s first official publication – Mission: Levity Episode 2!

You can buy it on Amazon or directly from the publisher’s webpage. The printed edition is going to be released in autumn.

So what is this all about? As I said before, laser guns pew pew pew, space dogfights, ships falling from orbit, daring rescue missions and much more!

Our intrepid crew (do people really still say that?) is on the move, eagerly awaiting their first mission. Actually, the thing most eagerly awaited is the payment for their first mission – Captain Cheb has run out of money and was only able to buy protein pudding in bulk for provisions. The crew morale is at an understandable all-time low. To make matters worse, at the next jump point the USE is already lying in wait for them, or so it seems…!

Want to know more? Buy the book! It’s available in German right now, but the more publicity we get, the more likely you are to some time get an English version…

Soon: More library and the finishing of that build project!