Things learned from watercolouring so far

– Have an idea of the shape you want to do in your head – you can’t wing it when the brush is on the paper and the paper is wet.
– It will come out differently anyway.
– Let go of the illusion of control.
– When you make a mistake, go and do something else, don’t go over it again, you’ll overwork it and completely ruin what might have worked or been fixable later
– Use the biggest brush you can conceivably manage to paint your current topic with. Always. Don’t start painting big areas with tiny brushes.
– Learn to fake detail with big brushes.
– Let go of the illusion of control.
– Premix your colours, unless you really really know what you’re doing or are going for a specific effect. Again, don’t muddle through on the paper, know what you are doing before setting brush to paper.
– Many and unmixed paints are good for bright, cartoonish paintings. When you want to paint realistic, use a limited palette and mix.
– Water is your friend. Running out of water and/or pigment at a crucial point is a catastrophe. Don’t do paint by numbers – wet the entire area of the mass you’re currently working with. Learn to think “mass” instead of “physical area”.
– Differently to acrylics or ink, for good results, good materials help a lot. Even as a beginner.
– Let go of the illusion of control.

NaNoWriMo: Hymn to my muse.

Warning: Contains strong language, Muse abuse.

(Sung to the melody of “My favorite things” from Sound of Music)

Please, my dear Muse, could I get inspiration?
I want to write rockets and space exploration,
Asteroids, spaceships, and lasers, and stars,
Or green-skinned aliens from Venus or Mars!

Dear writer mine, I will tell you of fairies,
Unicorns, mermaids, eagles in their eyries,
Princes and dragons and castles in clouds:
These are the things that you should write about!

Waltz music playing on swirling space stations,
Evil empires, star fleets, federations;
C-Beams that glitter at Tannhauser Gate:
Something like this, my dear Muse, would be great!

Would you not rather be writing fan fiction,
Songs to myself with Shakespearean diction,
Do what I say, just let me pull the strings:
I’ll fill your head with most wonderful things!

I need place names that are not idiotic,
My bad guys are sweethearts, my heroes neurotic,
My plot’s lost in space (and so is my fleet) —
Help! Please! Dear Muse! I have deadlines to meet!

You won’t think of flowers and poems and poodles,
Want to write wordcount, not ditties and doodles?
Oh, I don’t know, that’s not fitting my style;
How about I’ll just shut up for a while?

No! Stop! My Muse! Come back here! I still need you!
Without your guidance my words will not read true.
But then, who cares, I just want to get done,
Fuck you, my Muse, I will do it alone.

Got no plot line, got no write time, I’m just gooo~oing mad
We’ll get all the plotholes out in the next draft, and that won’t be so bad!

Aikido comic

aikidocomic5_3Joker: It’s a cliché to say that aikido/any martial art is meditative, but there is a certain “Aaaah”-effect from being so exhausted your brain just lets go of all those small nagging thoughts that it usually has. Or maybe that’s just me. I don’t know.

Mirar: It’s not just you. Though I try to get past that state when I get onto the mat, so I am ready by the time we sit down.

Mini-build: Phone tentacle

Phone tentaclePhone tentacle

A headphone plug gem that we got as a promotion, pink Fimo clay, green Fimo clay, a heated oven and a drop of superglue.

Modelling took maybe five minutes. Now the Day of the Tentacle can come! (I for one bow to our new tentacled overlords.)

The phone is a Nexus. The camera seriously can’t deal with its signal orange-ness. (Just in case you were wondering if either of us would want to be seen with a pink phone – NO!)