A book! A book!

Mission: Levity, Episode 2 is out!
Mission: Levity, Episode 2 is out!

I apologise for the long silence – with summer times and family visits, finishing projects took priority over blogging about them.

But now we’re back! Just in time to announce the release of joker’s first official publication – Mission: Levity Episode 2!

You can buy it on Amazon or directly from the publisher’s webpage. The printed edition is going to be released in autumn.

So what is this all about? As I said before, laser guns pew pew pew, space dogfights, ships falling from orbit, daring rescue missions and much more!

Our intrepid crew (do people really still say that?) is on the move, eagerly awaiting their first mission. Actually, the thing most eagerly awaited is the payment for their first mission – Captain Cheb has run out of money and was only able to buy protein pudding in bulk for provisions. The crew morale is at an understandable all-time low. To make matters worse, at the next jump point the USE is already lying in wait for them, or so it seems…!

Want to know more? Buy the book! It’s available in German right now, but the more publicity we get, the more likely you are to some time get an English version…

Soon: More library and the finishing of that build project!

Mission: Levity takes flight!

Mission: Levity Band 1 It should not come as a surprise to anyone that both of us are huge science fiction nerds. (Gasp.) So it should be even less of a surprise that when I was offered to join a team of authors writing on a new German science fiction serial, I grabbed it with both hands.

Mission: Levity has all the things I like in a good space opera: Laser beams, spaceship chases, mysterious telepaths, evil sprawling organizations, frigging laser beams, space pirates, blue-skinned space babes competent spaceship architects, technobabble, alien civilizations, evil ex-girlfriends, …did I mention FRIGGING LASER BEAMS? 😀

Well… I was sold. With our crack team of experienced writers, we immediately set to worldbuilding and editing, and today we are proud to present the first volume of Mission: Levity!

Captain Cheb Fantas would be an exemplary member of the United Security Enforcement – if he could keep his mouth shut. Since he can’t, he is soon stripped of his rank. But that is only the start of his worries. Soon, they will be joined by assassination attempts, a mysterious mission, his even more mysterious alien employer, a motley crew of an even odder ship, his angry ex-girlfriend, and the fact that nobody on this side of the galaxy sells crackers to his taste.

Sounds interesting? Mission: Levity Nr. 1 by Bettina Petrik is published today as E-book. The Paperback print will be available in October. The publication language is German. (Note: If your Kindle is registered somewhere else than Germany, you can order the epub directly on the publisher’s homepage http://www.ifub-verlag.de )

My own book, Mission: Levity #2: Gute Leute, Schlechte Zeiten, will be published in electronic format in August and as a paperback print in November. Link will be added when it is available!